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Mel had found a new obsession. She always had a careless pride in how good she looked – a body out of Sports Illustrated. Lately, she had begun to look like she had been chiseled out of stone. Part of me wanted to applaud the transformation of her washboard stomach to a six pack and of course her new perfectly sculpted forearms and part of me wanted to force feed her marshmallows and cheesecake. Is there such a thing as too perfect? Melanie only laughed when I voiced my concern. “You look like a superhero,” I  said, which may have inadvertently come off as a compliment and so resulted in an invitation to work out at the Equinox.

Image courtesy of digitalart / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Located in Boston’s financial district, the Equinox had spiral staircase, elegant chandelier, 18-foot windows and vaulted skylight ceilings giving it an abundance of light and an understated sophistication. Equinox Boston was not only luxurious it was the type of place you went to get ripped. We started with Boxing Boot Camp which combines boxing, jump rope, strength training and core – isn’t it better just to be anorexic?


Mel seemed to be doing great and completely in her element. She looked like an athlete in training. I on the other hand was sweating like a pig and coughing like I was going to hack up a lung and just when I was wondering if I should ignore the cramp in my side or try and push through it, the class began to wind down.

We took a break to hydrate and I grabbed a drink from the juice bar. This gym was definitely the for place for people who want to treat their body like a temple. I on the other hand have always thought of my body as a pastry kitchen. We finished off with a Vinyasa Yoga class before hitting the showers, next time I would check out their spa. An aroma therapy message sounded really good right about now – now there’s a place that I could live.

We lunched at, Central Wharf Company.

“Wasn’t that awesome,” she asked. I began leafing through the menu.

“I can honestly say, my body had never felt this worked out before.”

Mel just beamed. That was the truth. I was so hungry I thought I could eat the horse and the cart. We decided to split a Beet Salad (with mixed greens, baby spinach, roasted Harvard, gold & candy stripe beets, toasted almonds, Vermont goat cheese, raisins, honey crisp cider vinaigrette). I ordered the Central Wharf Grilled Cheese (with avocado, micro greens, tomato, grafton cheddar, gruyere & goat cheese on grilled wheat berries bread) and Mel had the Turkey Burger (with caramelized onions, gruyere, cranberry aioli, lettuce, tomato, house focaccia). Out of respect for Mel, I did not order dessert. She looked pleased. “I knew this gym would make an impression on you.”

Image courtesy of winnond / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of winnond / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

What she did not know was that later tonight I planned to soak my screaming muscles in a decadent bubble bath infused with vanilla and honey and gobble down a pint of peppermint bark gelato. Later as I relaxed in the tub, I squinted my eyes. I could almost see Grams perched near the vanity, a serene expression on her face, whispering to me… for God sake don’t get ice cream on the clean floors or you’ll break your neck coming out of the tub.

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