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As a scrappy little kid I enjoyed splashing in muddy puddles out in the rain. The joy of mud took on a whole new meaning as I eased into adulthood. It became synonymous with luxury, decadence and being pampered. It had been a while since I enjoyed such goo. It was time the girls and I went on a much needed spa day.

Image courtesy of winnond / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of winnond / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Newbury Street is the home of much decadence in Boston and G2O is one of Boston’s best spas. The spa located in two historic buildings on Newbury Street with shimmering glass tiles, white lacquered finishes and sparkling chrome accents including the salt-air-infused Brine relaxation room, a plush penthouse suite, and a sun-drenched roof deck.

After a day of shopping we arrived sweaty and disheveled. We checked in and Casey proceeded directly to the steam room and then a much needed deep tissue massage while Mel signed up for a haircut and manicure and pedicure. I on the other hand had booked a full body exfoliation. I chose an exfoliante infused with the scent of lavender. I lay on my stomach in a room as dark and quiet as any underwater cave listening to the trickling sound of water as my body is scrubbed free of dead skin. I am reminded of what it must be like in the calm sanctuary of a Buddhist temple as I am engulfed in a sea of quietness and reflection.

Later I rinse in a Swiss shower with literally twelve adjustable shower heads massaging me at once. As my troubles are scrubbed and rinsed away, I am calmer and more centered than I have been in months ready to face water ever storms life may throw my way.

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