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I had gotten up early, chugged some grapefruit juice and went off for a power run and now it was time for my reward. I was sipping on great coffee and wolfing down a baked frittata served over warm ciabatta bread and some fresh fruit at Caffe Nero.

Image courtesy of marin / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of marin / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Across from me sat an old school chum from my days in New York. Babs stared back at me looking gorgeous, with her hair in shambles, an oversize sweater over denim shorts and sunglasses. Her dark hair fell down her face in sharp angles setting off her high cheek bones, all she needed was a cigarette dangling from her mouth – she had quit three months ago. In school, Babs had perfected the messy look to such an extent that everyone had started calling her Shaggy. However, over the last ten years Babs had graduated from messy to messy chic – the nick name shaggy had remained. Babs had been in New York meeting clients and doing some independent research and had arrived in Boston late last night. When I asked if she would like to check out the night life here, she told me she was still getting over New York, “after a grueling week I’d no sooner sleep in,” she said. It was then that I had the perfect idea.

It involved reclining in super plush seats, great food, a dedicated waiter and Rumi. Babs was relieved and slightly elated that I has suggested going to a movie. The three of us decided to check out the super lux experience in Chestnut Hill Cinema. Rumi was thrilled to have Babs in town. In fact, Babs and Rumi may as well have been separated at birth. Both prescribed to the same casual grungy look and both liked the same time of music and films and for that reason alone my idea was brilliant.

The super lux took cinema to a new level, I snuggled into my cushy leather seat drink in hand. As the lights dimmed the waiter brought over my entree. The lobster Campanelle (with delicate “bellflower” pasta tossed with fresh lobster, asparagus, sherry and a touch of cream) reminded me of how much I love to eat. Savoring the taste of creamy pasta I settled in prepared to be propelled into the ultimate movie experience.

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