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I had a secret admirer…that much was evident. The reason I say ‘admirer’ and not ‘stalker’ is because of the little gifts he left for me. It had been happening for the last couple of days. First I received a small bouquet of flowers, then a box of chocolates, after that a silk hanky and finally an invitation…I decided to accept.


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How do you know it’s not some nutcase?” Casey asked.

Truth was, I was hoping against hope that it was Javier, my irresistible neighbor but I would settle for any number of charming attractive men. My mind reeled to everyone I had met over the last couple parties…art exhibits…gallery openings.

I arrived at Mistral restaurant in Boston’s South end ready to meet my mystery man. The entire restaurant exudes class and sophistication. The décor is reminiscent of Provence with hand-picked French pottery, high ceilings and arched floor to ceiling windows.  I was however, careful not to arrive alone.  Casey and her friend Colin had arrived twenty minutes before me and were discreetly seated at a corner table.  Colin gave me a surreptitious wink as the waitress seated me at my table.

Casey had asked me to send her a text when I saw him coming.  I looked over at their table. They had started on appetizers, tuna tartare with crispy wontons, my stomach growled… I was still thinking about tuna tartar when he walked in…

It took a little while for me to recognize him. His close cropped blonde hair now hung just past his ear and his steel grey eyes had softened somewhat and his attire was more relaxed not so much military boot camp. His generous smile though remained the same…I always remember a nice smile.

Dominick gave me a mischievous wink as he approached my table. At the same time I got an “OMG” text from Casey, who had her mouth full of tuna.  I texted back, “enjoy your dinner, he’s a friend of mine and Armand.”

The last time I had seen Dominick, we were at the L.A. Sports Club and Armand was trying to get me into shape.

“Hi” he said sitting down. “I hope you don’t mind the subterfuge but I wanted to make-up for my boring first impression.”

“No, I’m thrilled. I haven’t had something this romantic happen to me in ages…and I never thought you were boring.”

My mind went back to the last time I saw him. Was Armand trying to set us up? I was going to have to give Armand a call. In fact, I thought Dominick had made a good first impression but as dinner progressed it turned out he made an even better second one. We started with steamed black mussels (with smoked tomato mariniere) and semolina toast and grilled Portobello mushroom “carpaccio” (with roasted pepper agrodolce and arugula).   As it turned out Dominick was into extreme sports and for most of the dinner I was left gaping at his death defying antics, that is when I wasn’t savoring my pan roasted halibut (with main lobster and spring white asparagus risotto, lobster nage) –could he pick a restaurant?

Image courtesy of zirconicusso at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of zirconicusso at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

The last test for the best mystery date was what came after dinner. For us it was the warm strawberry rhubarb croustade with buttermilk ice cream (although admittedly, I ate most of it).

But before the evening ended, I looked over to Casey and Colin and they were busy making goo, goo eyes at each other…some much for backup.


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