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I chopped it all off. After a while I had just grown tired of my long wavy tresses. I traded it in for something shorter and hipper – a shaggy little bob with lots of layers and edges. I wanted  to celebrate, I was going to suggest something on Newbury street when Dominick with a triumphant grin made a suggestion of his own – proving just how well he had come to know me.

Image courtesy of think4photop at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of think4photop at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

The Liquid Art House has been on my to-do list for some time. Why – you may want to ask –  does this restaurant stand out? For starters,  it is the only Boston restaurant that has it’s own curator. Liquid Art House is not only a restaurant but a canvas that showcases a diverse collection of rotating art. It might also be the perfect place to showcase my haircut.

Casey and Armand joined us for dinner. Casey, was wearing a charming little tulip dress in dusty pink (that was sleeveless with a scooped neck and flared skirt). As soon as she saw me, she put her hand over her mouth and her hand reached out to touch my, now short, locks.

“It’s all gone, but it looks fabulous,” she said.

Armand arrived shortly wearing a fitted, long sleeved aqua colored T-shirt over tight (Burberry Brit) jeans.

“Chic, very chic,” he said.  

We started our evening off with scrumptious deviled eggs, clam beignets, and handmade dumplings (with foraged mushrooms, porcini cream, tiny croutons, soft herbs). Our senses overwhelmed with the masterpiece in our plates and before our eyes – the art was not bad either.  

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