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It was a lazy day. The type of day where everyone you know is busy or  out of town. I spent my time catching up on those long forgotten errands that were dying to come out of Pandora’s box. In the evening I found myself having dinner with Rumi and his friend Prince (A.K.A Peter).

Image courtesy of sattva at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of sattva at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

We were at Moonshine  feasting on tamago (Shishito Peppers, Crispy Rice Cakes), smoked shrimp dip and calamari. It was divine. Prince smiled at me indulgently. He was wearing a blazer with a neon-bright camo pattern, over a plain T-shirt. I was momentarily distracted by the bright color scheme. Prince is the most over-the-top character you’ll ever meet and just as charismatic. The type of person I suspect that would be able to sell water ballet to an Eskimo – and that’s just the feat he accomplished.  For the last ten years I had successfully avoided reality TV, never suspecting that just under my nose Prince was a huge fan. It was his charm alone that talked us into seeing Julianne Hough and Derek Hough (famed brother and sister team from Dancing  With The Stars) perform their dance repertoire.

No more than a week later we were finding ourselves seated at the prestigious Wang theatre. I have always loved the energy before a performance. The air was charged. Today, I half expected the room to cackle, even Rumi looked excited. Prince had an air about him that was part restlessness and part euphoria… and he was right.  The performance was electric. I found myself cascading across the sky and  launched to the moon and back. When I finally returned to earth it was with a brand new appreciation for reality.

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