It was the cutest little black printed chiffon top and I had purchased it just last month –  worn it only once – now it vanished without a trace. I’m not insane but I think when I’m asleep little elves go into my closet and take things, either this or my brother Rumi has turned into a cross dresser. Now everytime I pull out a pair of cut jeans I think of it. I think of its ruffled split neckline; I think of how it just below my waist and I think of how it made my eyes sparkle.

I asked Dominic if he had remembered seeing it and he gave me look like I had just asked him the square root of a trillion (well at least that has an answer).

“Just call the dry cleaners and see if they have it,” he said… But they didn’t. Casey was no more sympathetic when we met for coffee.

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

Image courtesy of Stuart Miles at FreeDigitalPhotos.net

“Perhaps, you need a blouse detective,” she joked. She’s always been a fan of Disney. We were at Thinking Cup Cafe it was late afternoon and I was sipping a cappuccino and nibbling on a maple pecan scone.  Casey was sitting opposite me nursing a honey cinnamon latte and munching on a cranberry multi-grain muffin. One word that should never come before any pastry is multi-grain.

“It doesn’t help that you have an organization system that fuses chaos with haphazard. It’s a wonder your can find your head in the morning,” she added.

She had a point…I hate that.

“Perhaps, what you need to get over an old love is, a new one.”

“Keep talking…”

“It’s the perfect excuse to go shopping.”

A new thought came into my head…charge it.

This is my last post, it’s time to move on to other writing projects. Thanks for sticking with me and do check out “Tasha’s Haunts – Boston’s Best”. It is a directory of all the restaurants, museums and events mentioned in the blog.I will keep you posted on what comes next.